Il Ponte Contemporanea

Vettor Pisani

Vettor Pisani was born in Naples in 1934. After living in Ischia and Naples, he settled in Rome where, in 1970, his work was displayed at the Galleria La Salita in the exhibition titled, ‘Studies on Marcel Duchamp 1965-1970: Male, Female and Androgynous. Incest and Cannibalism in M. Duchamp’, which constituted an installation of objects with strong conceptual and symbolic connotations. His later works in mixed media, installations and performances, from the Tomb of Oedipus (1970) to The Hero chamber, are also open to visual and mental interpretations, with esoteric and disturbing implications. ‘All the words from the silence of Duchamp to the Beuys noise’ (Paris Biennale, 1973) and the‘RC Theatrum’ (1976) at the Theatre of the Virgin (Venice Biennale, 1990). In 1997 he took part in the exhibition titled ‘Italian Painting from Italian Collection’ held at the Castle of Rivoli. In 2005 he participated in ‘The Beauty and the Beast - Metamorphosis, Artifices and Hybrid Myth Imaginary Science’ at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MART) of Rovereto, and the exhibition titled ‘Nostalgia. Return flight in Torre Guevara’ in Ischia. His activity during the period between 2007 and 2008 was particularly intense, including his participation in the 3rd Intremoenia /extra art, a traveling group in the castles of Apulia, directed by A. Bonito Oliva, and ‘Personalea Rome’ (Ph7 Art Gallery). In 2012 in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, the exhibition dedicated to him titled ‘Homage to Pisani’ featured a selection of works that fully documented both his artwork as well as unpublished documents in archives.