Il Ponte Contemporanea

Tracey Moffatt

Tracey Moffatt was born in 1960 in Brisbane, Australia. She received her BA in visual communications from the Queensland College of Art in 1982. After graduating, Moffatt moved to Sydney, where she commenced her stylistically diverse body of films and photography that investigate issues such as race, childhood trauma, and the media. In 1996 Moffatt exhibited a series of black-and-white photographs of aboriginal dancers entitled Some Lads (1986) alongside the color photograph The Movie Star (1985). In the latter work, the aboriginal actor David Gulpili drinks a beer and reclines lazily across a car hood, appropriating the stance of white Australian surfers as they are popularly displayed in the media. The photographic series Something More (1989) presents a rich fragmented narrative with suggestive images of violence, glamour, and disappointed dreams. In her film Night Cries:, Moffatt became the ultimate voyeur as she videotaped and goaded male surfers publicly dressing and undressing on Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Moffatt engaged with a new medium in 1998 with her series of photogravures entitled Laudanum. On the occasion of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Moffatt distilled the empty expressions of athletes who ranked an anticlimactic fourth-place in their events. The ten large-scale pieces that comprise Moffatt’s Adventure Series (2004) draw from the melodramatic, hyper-sexualized, and violent world of comics and B-movies. In Under the Sign of Scorpio (2005), Moffatt disguises herself as forty famous women (Catherine Deneuve, Georgia O’Keefe, Bjork, etc.), all born under the sign of Scorpio, posed before various backdrops of romantic splendor or cataclysmic explosions