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Sylvie Fleury


Sylvie Fleury, born in 1961, lives and works in Geneva. She is a contemporary Swiss pop artist known for her provocative artworks that criticize the consumer society and its values. The sentence “Yes to All” is a recurring theme in much of Fleury's objects (including gold plated waste baskets and Swarovski crystal embellished signs). She usually exhibits fashion and luxury products such as luxurious american cars, sculptures representing giant lipstics or other cosmetics, and installations of Shopping Bags. The subject of “superficial beauty” is recurring in her artworks. Most of her works are covered with synthetic fur or are painted using the principle of “capitonnage” recalling the decorative process of the Industrial production.

She clearly references to Marcel Duchamp’s readymades and Andy Warhol’s obsession with shopping. Critics have labeled her work "post-appropriationist," and her books The art of survivalFirst Spaceship on Venus and Other Vehicles, and Parkett #58 (with Jason Rhoades and James Rosenquist), have been featured internationally. In 2015, she won the Prix de la Société des arts de Genève.