Il Ponte Contemporanea

Roberto Pietrosanti

Roberto Pietrosanti was born in L’Aquila in 1967. He now lives and works in Rome. His artistic path unfolded from the beginning within a rigorous monocrome, broadening in a lively relation with architecture. Since 1999 Pietrosanti’s research lead to several interventions and participations in important architectural projects. In the year  2000 he won the concept contest for the re-arrangement of Piazza Augusto Imperatore in Rome. At the same time, the artist carried out a number of projects in the environment of theatre and contemporary dance. He was highly appreciated for a remarkable monumental piece of work in Ravenna. On that occasion, Pietrosanti worked for the “Compagnia del Progetto”, together with the architects Franco Purini and Carlo Maria Sadich and the artistic management of Professor Francesco Moschini, A.A.M. Architettura Arte Moderna Roma. In the latest years it is important to mention his participation at the international exhibition “Monocromos. De Malevic al presente”, held in 2004 and curated by Barbara Rose at the Centro de Arte Contemporanea Reina Sofia in Madrid, where Pietrosanti gave a shape to a small stone architecture. He was also invited to show his works at the Tenth Edition of the “Biennale di Architettura” in Venice.