Il Ponte Contemporanea
ileana FlorescuLunatiche gennaio 2011.jpg

Ileana Florescu

Born in Asmara (Eritrea) from an Italian mother and a British father of Romanian origins, she joined her family in their numerous journeys (Morocco, England, France, Switzerland) and arrived in Italy as a teenager. She graduates in Philosophy and Literature in Florence. Despite her predisposition for painting and drawing, she carries out her activity of essayist, studying history and Commedia dell’arte. The Roman art gallery Pio Monti Arte Contemporanea exhibited one of her photograpsfor the first time during the 2001 collective exhibition “Tra cielo e terra”. Her encounter with Diego Mormorio in 2002 proved to be crucial, since he proposed to hera solo show “Scie” at the Roman Art Gallery Acta International. In the same year she moved her studio to the Ex Pastificio Cerere, historic location of the “scuola di san Lorenzo”.