Il Ponte Contemporanea

Franco Silvestro

Franco Silvestro is a neapolitan artist born in 1960. Without ever incurring sensationalist tones, the artist represents gloomy public housing blocks and roofs, injured children and stolen cars: through illustrations, videos, photography and screen printing. The artist, according to Gabriele Perretta, operates ‘a transition from places of violence, death and environmental degradation." Franco Silvestro processes, with disarming candour and raw realism, a kind of autobiography of the public and collective story of the modern Neapolitan hinterland as a place of origin and global metaphor. An empty and desolate suburban, humid atmosphere, in which only the light from street lamps creates sudden flashes in the intentness of the road: a warm, Hopper-style, alienating light. Each image is deserted, without a human presence, and is a set ready to film the next scene, something; there is an expectant mood, as if something were about to happen.