Il Ponte Contemporanea

Matteo Basilé

Matteo Basilé (1974) was born and lives in Rome. His career begins in the early ’90s as one of Europe’s first artists merging art and technology. Basilé owns the extraordinary capacity to conciliate opposing ideas such beauty and grotesque, natural and artificial. Exploring the nature of humankind, the artist develops his story in chapters: The Saints are Coming (2007), Thisoriented (2009), Thishumanity (2010), Landing (2012), UNSEEN (2014), PIETRA SANTA (2016): a series of independent transitions where Basilé negotiates his perception of existence. His research consists of an interface between East and West, an interjected dialectic operating as a collision between tradition and modernity, sacred and profane. Basilé’s glossary is not just based on multicultural and timeless signs and values, instead it visually includes the global idiom where dream is no longer the main character of the photograph, as it incarnates a fully recognizable and unlimited narrative.