Il Ponte Contemporanea



“Since 1993, the Gallery Il Ponte Contemporanea has been hosting exhibitions which well represent the international scene. Fulfilling its name, it has been a location of transit, contact and exchange for many international artists of different generations. The participating artists always broke through the wall of inertia, looking for a chance to represent the relationship between the subject and history, in order to maintain their imperative not to become historians of the moment. This is also why the public has always been an active participant to the events and exhibitions of Il Ponte Contemporanea, since it is representative of the work: the social body giving flesh and substance to the skeleton of history…” (Achille Bonito Oliva – The Bridges of Art)

From the beginning Il Ponte Contemporanea has changed location within Rome several times, moving to larger spaces or responding to more dynamic areas of the city – via della Lungara 15 (Trastevere), via di Montoro 10 (ancient centre), via di Monserrato 23 (ancient centre), via Giovanni Castel Bolognese 81 (Trastevere-Testaccio), finally settling in via di Panico 55-59 (ancient city centre).

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